Meet the 72 session of Fuzhou Education Exhibition, take you with a taste of "wisdom education"
May 7 - 9, 2009, the top event of the education sector - The 72nd China Education and Development Fair will be held at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, ezTalks will bring a new product solution system "ezTalks wisdom education" heavy debut , And with many education professionals, exhibitors to share: in the education of information on the road, how to achieve the perfect "Everyone learn, everywhere can learn, always learn."
Since its inception in 1980, China Education and Equipment Exhibition has been successfully held 71, has now developed into China and the world's largest educational equipment industry, the most influential, the most professional brand exhibition, has been selected as the industry brand Exhibition Goldfinger Award, was the Ministry of Commerce as a national key guide, support the show.
As China's leading multimedia communications cloud service vendors, ezTalks each time the debut of the products and programs can cause a high degree of concern, and lead to the scene of the exhibition boom.
The exhibition will introduce the "ezTalks Wisdom Education" solution system, including the interactive classroom, excellent classroom, online classroom, delivery class, normalized cloud recording and broadcasting classroom, mobile cloud classroom six solutions, targeted for The preparation of the various teaching scenarios. You can build an interconnected environment, so that different places in a class with the previous class, you can also synchronize recording, live, on demand, interactive, resource sharing and management. And effectively help all levels of institutions to create "everyone can learn, everywhere can learn, always learn" the application of ecological education, the full realization of education information.
At the same time, ezTalks, by virtue of its own technical capabilities, combines educational products with artificial intelligence, and at the show will show how artificial intelligence can help further develop educational information, and what changes can be made by artificial intelligence for education. I believe we will bring a science and technology storm.
In this exhibition, we also carefully set up a highly simulated teaching and learning scene, so that viewers can experience the experience of ezTalks presented "wisdom education."
In this way, ezTalks sincerely invite you to visit the experience and guidance, in-depth cooperation and exchange!
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