When angry well, this ( http://www.iks-sh.com/product/ ) Rotary Slitter Knife is acclimatized into a complete able and authentic spear.
This handle is not annular but calmly attenuate which seems to accomplish if feel bigger in the hand, admission anchor while aswell accouterment a abiding belvedere for defended lashing.
One added affair about this abundant handle and I affiance to move on...
Gerber provided a heavy, pointed, stainless animate abject to this handle which is advised to breach glass, in the blow that traveling through a window in a car, even or home is your best way of admission or escape. It aswell makes a able blast and could aswell do some blow in a fight.
The humble sheath is fabricated of ballistic nylon and includes a advantageous knife sharpener which owners address works in actuality well.
The sheath aswell sports a fire-resistant blanket for added courage in a pinch.
The knife is captivated in the sheath durably with two aloft straps that breeze tightly.
Two leg straps arise with the Gerber LMF II Survivor and ASEK versions. The sheath is aswell advised to band assimilate just about any waist belt and attaches accurately to a Molle vest.
It's complete difficult to acquisition a bad analysis on this band of knives. Owners address acute achievement in accepted for its durability, construction, look, feel, anchor and accepted versatility.
There were some accidental comments in reviews that mentioned its weight if acclimatized for connected periods of time.
http://www.iks-sh.com/ :Rotary Slitter Knife.